Linaclotide (Linzess®)

How it works: It works by increasing secretion of fluid into the intestines which helps in the passing of stool. It also calms pain-sensing nerves in the intestinal tract.

Which symptoms does it help: Overall IBS-C symptoms, constipation, belly pain, bloating.

How long it takes to see a benefit: Benefits for bowel habits within 1 week. Benefits for belly pain and bloating may be seen in as little as 1 week but maximum benefit may take longer.

FDA approved: IBS-C

Dosage: 72 mcg*, 145 mcg*, 290 mcg (*are FDA approved for CIC not IBS-C)

Special considerations or risks: Cannot be given to those less than 18 years of age or those who have a bowel blockage.

Most common side effects: Diarrhea.

Recommendation: ACG recommends linaclotide for overall symptom improvement in IBS-C patients.